Lounge in ACASA Suites Zurich
Frühstück in Restaurant „Esszimmer“ im ACASA Suites Zürich
“Esszimmer” all-day-dining restaurant in ACASA Suites Zurich – design meets comfort
Bar in ACASA Suites Zurich
Garden at ACASA Suites Zurich for your relaxation and well-being
Walk-in wine cabinet in ACASA Suites Zürich
Garden terrace with restaurant in ACASA Suites Zurich
Cosy library in ACASA Suites with the feeling of a lounge
Meetingroom in ACASA Suites Zürich with modern infrastructure
Building and facade of ACASA Suites Zurich
Crostone Estivo - like a light summer breeze, the toasted bread slice is served with marinated grilled octopus, burrata cream and tomato confit.
Black taglierini with prawn tartare and its bisque - from Gambero Rosso - the ruby-red shrimp lives 700 metres below sea level in the Mediterranean Sea and can only develop its unique sweet, full flavour there.
Freshly prepared for you – breakfast service in ACASA Suites
Business booths in ACASA Suites Zurich for meetings and media conferences